Do you want to open up a Double Rainbow parlor?



What Makes Double Rainbow Products So Special?




Double Rainbow's manufacturing process results in a thicker, smoother, richer and creamier texture. We use only the freshest and purest ingredients, fresh cream and milk from the cows in Northern California and flavor our creams with pure extracts. What it all comes down to is great taste.



    * You are a special destination because you're not just another ice cream shop. You will not find your 'clone' on every other street corner.
    * Serving 'San Francisco's Official Ice Cream' presents creative marketing opportunities. San Francisco is a popular tourist destination and renown for its fine cuisine.
    * Because of your unique and extraordinary product you will earn a special loyalty that keeps customers coming back again and again.
    * This distinctiveness gives your customers something to talk about. They become your best advertisement by spreading the word.
    * You are guaranteed that every mouthful of Double Rainbow is extraordinary!


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